Consulting and Coaching

Sustainable change through our tailored programs.

Strategic Alignment

Helping teams to identify and align strategies with organisational vision.

Training and Development

Effective team performance training and development solutions.

Consulting and Coaching

Working with you to implement the strategies, tools and tactics to ensure effective, sustainable change.

Strategic Alignment

We work with leadership, operational and project teams to identify opportunities to align strategic goals.

Training and Development

Our training and development workshops enable teams to take their performance to the next level.

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Our Approach



IG Consulting understands that today’s high performance teams draw strength from individual members under the direction and guidance of great leaders. Agility and resilience are skills essential in today’s fast past environment. We work with our clients to develop these traits both at a team and a leadership level.

Why us?



Great teams operate effectively with all the tools at their disposal. IG Consulting provides you and your team with access to our leadership and strategic facilitation experience and experts who can oversee and manage a wide range of services for you.

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