About us


IG Consulting is your ultimate resource for trusted, flexible and experienced professional consultants and facilitators.

The United Nations, construction companies, and start-up not-for-profit organisations don’t appear to have much in common. Yet these diverse organisations, who operate in strikingly different environments with wide ranging goals and objectives, all have fundamentally similar needs and challenges. They all choose to work with us because we make the seemingly complex simple and achievable.

You can elevate your team and leadership by partnering with us on:

  • Consulting and Coaching

    Working with you to implement the strategies, tools and tactics to ensure sustainable change.

  • Strategic Alignment

    We work with leadership, operational and project teams to identify opportunities to align strategic goals.

  • Training and Development

    Our training and development workshops enable teams to take their performance to the next level.

Building Agile teams


We partner with our clients to create tremendous value by improving performance at the organisation, team and individual levels. This enables execution of strategic goals and drives increases in productivity, engagement, revenue and agility.

The end result is a lasting partnership with a satisfied team that is now able to pivot and adapt, irrespective of the ever-changing external conditions.

We form partnerships


We believe in partnering with our clients to design and implement programs that are tailored to their specific needs.

We are committed to making our partners more successful by leveraging proven techniques for building the adaptability that is necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

By partnering with leaders who are driven to make change a reality, we enable teams to create meaningful and sustainable performance improvements.

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