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About Paul

Founder of IG Consulting, leader, inspired entrepreneur and adventure seeker

With a diverse skill set that includes over a decade in leadership roles at global financial institutions, consulting to the United Nations, and coaching athletes at an international level, Paul is an expert in drawing out underlying goals and motivations.

He has extensive experience in getting diverse individuals to not only grow their skills and operate as part of a team, but to significantly contribute to broader strategic objectives. When it comes to building and coaching teams, Paul views each team as a complex network of interaction points, none of which stand alone.

Paul identified a real need for a modern approach to leadership principles and techniques, feeling that technical skills, while important, were no longer sufficient to excel in today’s ever evolving environment. He founded IG Consulting in 2017 to provide businesses and organisations with practical and proven tools to build high performing teams and great leaders.

He has a Master of International Security from the University of Sydney and is an Australian ambassador for UN sponsored Social Protection Program, an initiative that decentralises access to peace building tools and resources.

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