Strategic Alignment

Our Process

Success in 4 steps

We work with leadership, operational and project teams to identify opportunities to align strategic goals. Our Strategic Alignment workshops are for any team that needs to realign their strategic compass.


We engage all stakeholders and seek to understand each perspective


We facilitate an open forum where strategies can be identified and aligned

Actionable reporting

We provide a report that clearly articulates the workshop/session outcomes in provides an action plan for implementation


We provide ongoing support for you and your team to ensure strategic alignment

Ways we can help

Project and deal teams

Complex and time sensitive projects often draw up a wide range of experience through an organisation. This experience can be drawn from various teams and we are able to help align team objectives with project goals.

Team alignment

Sometimes teams just lose their way or individuals aren’t sure how they contribute to the overall strategy. We work with teams and their leaders to identify opportunities to align individual goals and analyse the role of existing processes and policies an achieving these strategies.

Operational differences

When dealing with clients or service providers that can be a difference in option of how to best achieve a desired outcome. We help navigate these differences to find a an outcome that not only achieves the desired outcome but often creates new, unforeseen opportunities.

How does it work?

Irrespective of the audience or format the success behind our strategic alignment workshops is that the solutions are owned by the participants. Common to all our workshops are core, foundational principles that ensure that the outputs are owned by each individual.

  • Planning

    All stakeholders are engaged and consulted prior to the workshop

  • Participation

    Everyone is encouraged to participate in the process

  • Clarifying and Simplifying

    We sure that all points are communicated in a. clear and simple fashion

  • Neutrality

    We don't take sides during this process, our role is to provide the framework for a group solution

  • Leverage experience

    The process recognises and utilises the experience brought to the table by all participants

  • Balanced input

    We ensure that all stakeholders are provided with an equal opportunity to contribute to the process

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