Training and Development

Explore all our employee and leadership training and development programs. You have the flexibility to select the topic and format that is most beneficial and engaging for your team. From presentation style sessions, to hands-on workshops.


Our sessions can be tailored to your time constraints


Fun and engaging topics


Actionable tactics and tools


Follow-up sessions are available to monitor and embed the implementation of the new ideas.

Some of our popular workshops

Conflict Resolution

Our Conflict Resolution workshop and seminars can help your team learn how to turn a conflict into a positive outcome for all parties and form the basis for ongoing partnership.

Thriving in Times of Disruption

Our Thriving in Times of Disruption workshop addresses how, in today’s world, technical proficiency alone is no longer sufficient for teams and organisations to thrive. In this workshop we explore the evolution of the modern workplace and how individuals and teams can continue to add value in a world where technical skills alone can be outsourced.

Networked Teams

Our Networked Teams workshop explores the tools and principles that underpin agile teams. Agile networked teams not only have an aligned strategic narrative, but thrive on collaboration with other teams as well. Uniquely,  our exercises and ongoing support enable your team to practically and sustainably apply these principles.

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